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タイ料理リムナーム ロゴ タイ料理リムナーム タイの絵 仏

Welcome to the "Baan Rim Naam"
Best Thai food restaurant in Kyoto!

We have an English menu.
Vegetarian dishes available!

Kyoto is one of the most famous and ancient city in Japan.
We are located by the Kamo river.
Kamo river is throughing center of Kyoto city.
A lot of people waking and relaxing at river side.
You can see good view of Kyoto from our restaurant
and enjoying authentic Thai food
in fusioned archaic Kyoto style house(Kyo-machiya)
and old fashioned Thai style house.
It's new style Kyoto - Thai house!!

We recommend real Thai food for customer.
We have more than 80 Thai food menu in English.
Chef had worked at hotel in Bangkok Thailand.
They have good experience and technique.
Their wonderful cooking must make stisfy
all of our customers!

タイ料理 鴨川納涼床 写真

Outside terrace seat
on Kamo river

Entrance of
"Baan Rin Naam"
at SijoKiyamati St.
( Ponto - Cho)

Fusioned Japanese
and Thai style house

If you want to have vegetarian dishes
we can arrange to cook most of the menu for vegetarian style.
Usually we have an English speaker at restaurant.
Please ask us!

We can cook as you like ( no garlic, no seafood,
no fish sauce, no chili, no egg, change to tofu,
change to only vegetables,etc...)

We new opened outside terrace seat on Kamo river (YUKA)
on this May 2009.
It can open only May to septenber.
Kyoto people enjoyed YUKA every summer season
more than 400 years.
You can feel river breeze and culture of Kyoto.
Don't miss it! (YUKA charge 500 yen for a person)

タイの天使 鴨川納涼床

タイ料理 バーンリムナーム 店内 鴨川

Modern Thai style
at 1st Floor

Open: 11:30 - 15:00
               (15:00 - 17:00  Break time)
      17:00 - 22:30
      (at 21:45 Last order)

Holiday: Monday    
    (When Monday is National holiday,sometime we changed our holiday. Please ask us)

Address:  Sijo Kiyamachi Sagaru, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Japan.
Tel/Fax:  075 - 352 - 3823   

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